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Full Version: Modpack Version 3.5
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Modpack version 3.5 is live on the server for the staff!  We will be launching another closed beta test of the server in the coming weeks.  Hit us up on discord if you are interested in being a part of testing team.

Change Log:
Added Features / Improvements:
·        New portal block texture.
·        Fixed rendering issue with the invisible thin barriers.
·        New Biome Switching Tool.
·        Increased Weapon damage.
Added Items:
·        Weapons! Lots more weapons. A total of 116 weapons.
·        Rods (Copper through Diamond).  Rods are used for staff weapon repairs.
·        Furniture!
·        Scroll
·        Guts
·        Organs
·        Severed Head
·        Severed Ear
·        Insect Leg
·        Spider Leg
·        Wolf Meat
·        Honey
·        Bag
·        Bottle
·        Cauldron
·        Wings (Butterfly, Fairy, Bones, Angel)
Added Profession Items:
·        Wolf Meat
·        Rabbit Meat
·        Skinning knives and Mining pickaxes from copper to diamond.
Added Blocks:
·        Diamond Mine